Granite and Marble Slab for GTA Homes

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Granite and Marble Slabs for GTA Homes

When you’re building or renovating your home, there can be hundreds of small decisions to make. Carpet or hardwood? Drop ceiling or drywall? Full or half-bath? Doorknobs or levers? At times, it can seem like each new decision leads to another. But the sum total of all of these decisions will create your new living space, so it’s important to consider each one carefully. Fortunately, some decisions are easier than others. When you are selecting countertops, stone is always best! Granite and marble slabs are the top choices for GTA homeowners who prize durability and beauty.

Granite Slab

Granite slab is a versatile and practical choice for kitchen islands and countertops, bathroom vanities, and dining tabletops. Regardless of the style of your décor, the colour scheme of your interior design, or your budget, you will be able to find a beautiful piece of natural granite that will be just right for your space.
One of the most important aspects of choosing granite for your countertop is, of course, appearance. Granite comes from all over the world, and, like fine art, each slab is unique. Colour is a basic consideration, and granite, available in a virtual rainbow of colours and colour combinations, can provide you with as many choices as you can imagine. You may be thinking of installing a simple white, beige, or black surface for maximum versatility. There are numerous types of granite available in neutral shades and subtle patterns that will match with any type of interior design or décor. Additionally, you may have something more dramatic in mind. When you look at specialty granite, you will be amazed at some of the bold patterns and vivid colours that nature has created! Deep chocolate brown, luminous white with grey striations, bright gold with orange flecks, iron red with ripples of cream, turquoise with purple accents, or forest green with honeycomb patterns…granite is an exquisite design element for any home.
Besides beauty, granite has many other advantages. It’s easy to clean, and makes a very sanitary surface for kitchen or bathroom. When properly sealed, it doesn’t stain easily, and it’s tremendously heat resistant.

Marble Slab

Marble is the material of great architecture and art throughout the ages, and marble countertops add an inimitable note of elegance to your home. Some homeowners shy away from marble because they believe that it won’t be affordable. In fact, some marble slabs are less expensive than other natural materials such as granite, quartz, or stainless steel countertops.
Marble is also available in a wide variety of colours, including neutral shades and deep, luminous blues, reds, and greens. Many people are attracted to the bright white and soft grey patterning of classic Italian Carrara marble. The perfection of the shape of the crystals has made Carrara marble sought after for more than 2,000 years!
Marble’s natural cool surface is also de rigor for those who work with pastry. Since marble is slightly more porous than granite, you may read cautionary tales about staining, but with proper care, this is not a big problem.
Choose granite or marble countertops for your GTA build or renovation, and add the beauty, durability, and elegance of natural stone to your living space.